Mistborn: One Little Spark

Chapter 1: The Crew
The heroes meet the crew and are told their mission. Take down House Tekiel.

Mistborn: One Little Spark

Part I: We Can’t Have Fears
Chapter 1: The Crew

Our Cast:

Callistus (Caleb) Skaa informant/Coinshot

Mogar (Jared) Noble Thug

Tareth (David) Noble Mistborn

Tetra (Becca) Skaa Soother

Cal reached the building. It was three stories tall, and though it was supposed to be abandoned, it didn’t look very run down. The mists flowed around Cal as he studied the building, judging if he should go inside or not.

A sound made him jump, and a man stepped out into the street next to the abandoned building. He was wearing a cloak that twisted and curled in strips like the mists themselves. A mistcloak. That meant the newcomer was a Mistborn, or at least, was pretending to be one. If you wore one of the cloaks, and weren’t a Mistborn, you were either very brave or very stupid.

“Who are you?” Cal said, spinning as his hand flew to his coin pouch.

“The name is Tareth,” the Mistborn said, putting his hands into the folds of his cloak. “You can call me Tar, if you wish.”

Cal relaxed. The man wasn’t attacking him, so that was a good sign. “I have a feeling we’re here for the same reason,” Cal said, a thought occurring to him. “Did you receive a letter?”

“Yes, I did. What is your name, friend?”

“Callistus,” the Coinshot said, reaching out a hand. “Just call me Cal.”

Another noise alerted both men to another person walking down the street.


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