Part 1

We Can’t Have Fears

They all accept the mission—to take down a noble house. The seemingly impossible. They all have their own personal reasons, and they all keep those reasons to themselves. They live together. They plan together. They kill together. All to start one little spark. Because that’s all it takes to start a fire. But that one little spark is going to take a lot work.

Their first mission is to strike hard, fast, and efficiently. They try to kill House Tekiel’s heir and the lord currently in command—and possibly steal their atium on the way—to throw Tekiel into a civil war for the position of head of the house. That’s their plan at least. They’ll soon discover that bringing a noble house to its knees is so much harder than anything they have ever faced.

They will have to learn to get along—or deal—with each other. They’ll face dangers and fears they never thought they had, and be forced to overcome them. And they will learn that they can’t have those fears. Because they will need every advantage they can get. And if that means facing the one thing they can’t stand, they will do it. Because what they’re trying to do is so much more than their personal vengeance, their loves and wants, and even their lives.

Because that one little spark was forgotten long ago. And that one little spark is the only thing Scadrial truly needs.

Just one, little, spark.

Mistborn: One Little Spark